How to View Your xMETRIC Balance

How to view your xMETRIC balance.


xMETRIC tokens** are a beta version of MetricsDAO’s future $METRIC token. It is just for testing purposes, and cannot be transferred and does not provide its holder with any rights whatsoever (other than bragging rights about early participation in protocol testing). Think of it as monopoly money that allows us to test parts of our protocol design – with your help.

Your participation in our bounty program will help us test the key actions that community members are meant to take in order to deliver on demand analytics in near real time. As you complete certain actions you’ll earn xMETRIC, which will not only record your early contributions on-chain, but also unlock other gated actions you can take.

At the moment only some bounties as well as Peer Reviewing are gated to participants who hold at least 2,000 xMETRIC.

How is xMetric earned?

Component 1: Community Brainstorming

Submit questions: Head over to the question vault to submit your questions on Aave, True Freeze, or the topic of "Hacks, Scandals and Scams" in the space.

  • xMETRIC Needed to Submit: 0
  • xMETRIC Reward for Qualified Submissions: 50

Upvote others’ submissions: In the same question vault you can directly upvote what others are asking, to help prioritize relevant requests.

  • xMETRIC Needed to Upvote: 0
  • xMETRIC Rewards for Qualified Upvote: 5

Component 2: Analytics

In this component, questions are turned into actionable bounties for our community of analysts to solve by creating analytics, tools and/or content. On top of earning xMETRIC, analytics are also rewarded in partner tokens or stablecoins.

  • xMETRIC Needed to participate: 0
  • xMETRIC Rewards for Qualified Submissions: 250
  • xMETRIC Rewards for Stellar Submissions: 1000

Component 3: Peer Review

The content generated in Component 2 is reviewed and scored by a dynamic team of top analysts. This component is gated for analysts who have earned 2,000 xMETRIC or more and demonstrated their crypto analytics proficiency. Analysts that gained access to this component are given the Reviewer role.

  • xMETRIC Needed to participate: 2,000
  • xMETRIC Reward per submission reviewed: 50

xMETRIC was also allocated to analysts who won grand prizes for their season 1 submissions.

xMETRIC Payments & Balance

The first payment of xMETRIC for Season 2 was sent on August 3rd, 2022.

The transaction hash for question authors was:

And for upvoters:

xMETRIC is a Polygon token so you will need to connect your wallet to the Polygon network to see your balance.

If you don’t see the xMETRIC token, you may need to add the token using the following token address:

As mentioned above, if you reach 2000 xMETRIC tokens, you can unlock the Reviewer role. To do so, you will need to update your discord channel access on by using the /join command in Discord.