Why upvoting matters.

Why Upvoting Matters to MetricsDAO

The Community Brainstorming component empowers anyone to come and contribute ideas that can feed the Analytics component. Upvoting allows the broader community to signal which questions are more pressing and relevant, while also filtering out spam.

Why Upvoting Matters to You

Each qualified upvote on a submission will earn 5 xMETRIC! Participants can earn xMETRIC through a number of functions depending on where they want to plug in to the system and Community Brainstorming is a great module to get started with. Add an idea or upvote another to earn xMETRIC and unlock access to more functions in the MetricsDAO system.

The top upvoted ideas will become challenges, so vote on the ones that you think will drive insightful analysis or answer a question that is relevant to you!