Stellar Submissions: Olympus Bounty Program, Round 1 and 2

The grand prize winners of the first two rounds of our Olympus Bounty Program.

Stellar Submissions is a series of articles by MetricsDAO wherein we highlight bounty submission best practices by showcasing the grand prize winners of our bounty programs. Our goal with this is to sharpen the skills of on-chain analysts and raise the overall quality of bounty submissions.

In this edition of Stellar Submissions, we look into the grand prize winners of the first two rounds of our Olympus Bounty Program.

Grand Prize Winners

1. Comprehensive Monitoring

Dashboard: OlympusDAO: OHM Staking

Author: marqu

To monitor the distribution of staked vs unstaked OHM, marqu built a comprehensive monitoring dashboard that tracks these metrics over time.

Overview of OHM staking

Majority of the total OHM token supply is staked and almost all of the circulating supply is staked as well. Another key observation is that the proportion of staked OHM does not seem to be affected by the token’s price movements. The percentage of staked OHM also holds steady across versions of the staking contract.

OHM Staking vs Price
OHM Staking across contract versions

The main quality that makes this submission great is its overall comprehensiveness. The bounty only asked about the percentage of staked and unstaked OHM but marqu was able to deliver much more insights by showing things like the amount of circulating vs staked OHM, and staking trends over time across staking contract and OHM token versions.

It is a great example of finding a balance between keeping an analysis focused and delivering the maximum amount of related insights.

If you want to dive in more and monitor OHM staking trends yourself, here is the full dashboard. Reach out to marqu on twitter as well to find out more.

2. Creating a Writeup

Analysis: OHM Premium Analysis

Author: bachi

For this submission, bachi examines the OHM token premium over the past 12 weeks. They try to identify any patterns that stand out or any causes of price movements.

Daily OHM Premium

There were two main findings. First is that the premium has generally trended downwards over the past 12 weeks. Around late March, however, this had increased and has held steady until mid-April 2022.

The second finding is that there is a slight relationship between the premium and the price of the token. Based on the chart below, you can see how the premiums have also started to come down as the price of OHM went down.

Monthly OHM Premium and Average Price

One way on-chain data analysts stand out in the space is through writing about the actual dashboards and analysis they made. This submission is a great example of that. There is a clear narrative around what the piece is about and it is straight to the point, providing enough insights without overwhelming the audience.

bachi demonstrates their ability to not only analyze the data but also effectively share their findings with the community to provide more value.

To find out more, check out the full writeup here. You can reach out to bachi on twitter as well.

3. High Level to Focused

Dashboard: Ohm Staking %

Author: J.Hackworth

Returning grand prize winner, J.Hackworth also analyzed OHM token staking behavior. What’s different with his dashboard is that he focused on the user behavior, looking at things like the largest OHM stakers, the amount of OHM they staked and unstaked, and their total actions.

Key findings are that the number of users actively staking has been going down in recent months but the amount of OHM being staked has held steady.

Users Staking/Unstaking per day
OHM Staked/Unstaked per day

On a per user level, one staker has 1.19M in OHM staked which is by far the largest. Based on the chart below, they have not unstaked any OHM either.

Top 20 OHM Stakers

While J.Hackworth puts the spotlight on the individual user behavior of OHM stakers, he first starts off with a general view of the OHM staking landscape. This provides the necessary context for his analysis. It allows the audience to get a sense of the size of the staked and unstaked amounts relative to the overall OHM staked.

This is one of the main things that J.Hackworth does well wherein he is able to use both a zoomed-in and macro-level perspective to drive overall the context. This ultimately enriches his analysis.

The link to the dashboard is here where you can see the cumulative OHM staked over time and the largest unstakers. Follow J.Hackworth on twitter as well to see what he is working on.

3 Key Takeaways

1. Write about it

A key insight I got recently is that in order to deliver the most value, on-chain analysts need to be able to write about their work as well. It is not enough to build a dashboard and expect people to find it and use it themselves. There is a lot of noise in the space so if you really think that your analysis has value, you have to raise that signal yourself. You can tweet about it, write a blog, or simply share it to relevant communities on Discord. What matters is that you share what you have learned.

2. Share the methodology

This might be easy to brush off but specifying your analysis’ methodology increases the audience’s confidence with the work you have done as it allows them to verify the findings themselves. If your goal is to win grand prizes for bounties, this also helps bounty reviewers easily assess your work which increases your chances.

3. Use appropriate visualizations

Another highlight from this set of grand prize winners is the usage of visualizations that are appropriate to the insights being conveyed. As mentioned before, visualizations allow you to communicate your insights more effectively to the reader. Using the right ones go a long way in deepening the understanding of your analysis. You can use positive and negative bar charts to show opposite actions and a line chart-area chart combination works well to display price movements vs percentage share metrics.

Complete Set of Olympus Bounty Grand Prize Winners, Round 1 and 2

  1. OlympusDAO: OHM Staking by marqu
  2. OHM Premium Analysis by bachi
  3. Ohm Staking % by J.Hackworth

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Stay tuned for the next set of Stellar Submissions.

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