Introducing: Social Influencer Bounties

Use your social media following to help us amplify our community's amazing work!

Use your social media following to help us amplify our community's amazing work!

Publish a Twitter thread that breaks down and highlights one of the best submissions from previous weeks.

Share more than just a summary: What did the analysis discover that is newsworthy, surprising, or otherwise worth highlighting?

Include visuals from the submission to catch the eye, the link to the dashboard, and tag @MetricsDAO and the author! Here’s a thread on how to write a killer thread.

All submissions can be found on -- which you can then filter in terms of quality. You will be rewarded based on the reach your post gets.**

  • xMETRIC earned per thread: 100 xMETRIC
  • $$ earned based on the number of likes: 30+ likes = $20; 50+ likes = $40

How to submit: Head over to the main bounties program page, and submit your original tweet by following the steps in the "Social Influencer Bounty” program.


Can I highlight my own dashboard in a new twitter thread?

Yes! Absolutely. As long as the thread you submit is new and your own, it’s valid!

I am not an analyst, can I turn another person’s dashboard into a thread?

Definitely! Collaboration between analytics pros and social media whizzes can help the best insights be seen and shared. Mention the author of the analysis in your thread!

Which bounty programs can I choose from?

We’re giving you the freedom to pick from any past submission, but as a general rule the more recent the analytics, the more relevant your tweet will be and the more likely it is to go viral.

If I already tweeted a thread with my submission, can I just re-submit that thread as a Web3 Influencer Bounty?

Yes that’s fine. Feel free to re-promote your thread to get more impressions. Our goal is to make it as easy for you to talk about MetricDAO analytics on social media!

What are some examples of great Twitter threads?

⁉️ Any other questions feel free to reach out to us in the #general channel in Discord.

**Note that spam will be discarded and that payout amounts are subject to change.