Season 2: Organizational Structure Updates

Greetings Web3 Analysts,

Last week we announced some exciting updates including the core vision and goals for Season 2, as well as changes to our organizational structure. This week we wanted to take a closer look into this new structure and share more details about what this means to the success of MetricsDAO and how it will impact us moving forward.

In Season 2, our focus is to ensure that we continue to push out exceptional work, create deep engagement with the 3-step Analytics Program, and that we remain competitive in the bear market. To that end, we have scaled back some areas of MetricsDAO and have combined some initiatives. Mentor’s Circle will join MarCom and will now center on community acquisition and engagement with the analytics process. Treasury and Governance Research will roll up into DAO Ops as one larger initiative. In addition, we are actively seeking to hire a Business Development Lead to create new targets and develop more robust processes for business development, and scale down community contributions in that area. Collectively, these updates to the DAO will enable us to continue to create powerful on-demand analytics and impactful contributions throughout the Web3 space while allowing MetricsDAO to achieve sustainable long term growth.

Overall there will be 7 core pods. Here is a breakdown along with each pod leader(s):

  1. Bounty Ops: danner.eth and Kakamora
  2. Product & Development: Catjam
  3. DAO Ops (now includes Treasury and Governance Research): danner.eth
  4. Business Development: new hire TBD
  5. MarCom (now includes Mentor’s Circle): Rochelle
  6. Curator Group: danner.eth, Forg, and Issui
  7. Council: Catjam

This new composition will enable MetricsDAO to operate much more efficiently and will help onboard new members as frictionlessly as possible.

Lastly, our operational teams provide support to the 3-step Analytics program and empower participants to create the best outputs. With Season 2 kicking off, it’s the perfect time to participate in our active bounty round right now here