Our Peer Review Process

The criteria that we reviewers look at when grading submissions.

Bounties form a big part of MetricsDAO’s mission to deliver high-quality analytics solutions. As our partners rely on accurate, timely, and informative analytics, it is important that MetricsDAO evaluates bounty submissions according to a specific set of criteria. These are Accuracy & Completeness, Insights, Visualizations, and Professionalism.

Submissions that get decent scores in these criteria are qualified to receive bounty payouts. Those that get a perfect score are then entitled to the grand prize. Let’s get started on a breakdown of these criteria.

Accuracy & Completeness

Given that bounties aim to firstly answer questions, it is important that a submission answers all the questions related to the bounty. The methodology also needs to be clear and logical in order to explain the concepts involved.



A good analysis should have a narrative weaving everything together and this needs to be clear in the submission. Readers should be able to gain key insights and new information which could inform their decision-making later on related to the subject matter.

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Perhaps the centerpiece of any bounty submissions is the visualizations. It is through these visualizations that one can best surface the insights that were generated from the analysis. However, it is not enough to just have visualizations. The best submissions are able to discern which types of charts to use that help fully explain the analysis and provide definitive insights.



Lastly, the submission should be fine as a standalone document or dashboard that can be shared with the protocol team or with a general audience. Readers can understand the analysis and its context. Citations are properly attributed and the grammar and formatting are exemplary.


Mandatory Evaluation Criteria

To be eligible for payment, submissions must meet all the mandatory evaluation criteria listed below:

  1. The submission must be sent before the deadline indicated on the bounty page.
  2. The submission must obtain a minimum of 6 points in the rated criteria above.
  3. If previous work is re-used, the analyst must build upon the work and add new content to it.
  4. The submission cannot include plagiarized content.

While not mandatory, the submission should include a minimum of 200 words of original written content.

For a deeper look in the specific rubrics and grading system as well as the basis for payments, check out the full grading document here.

Best Practices

Going Above and Beyond

Some bounty questions are indeed simple enough to be answered by just one graph or table. Technically that would be a complete submission. However, nothing is stopping you from exploring other related questions to enrich the overall insights that readers can get from the submission. This significantly increases the chances of winning the grand prize.

Guide the Reader

It is important that the readers know the message a bounty submission is trying to convey. Having a good dashboard title is a good way to achieve this. Perhaps even better is to have your key takeaways be mentioned up front so the reader knows what to expect.

Context is Key

Related to the previous point is providing context in your submission. While having a long narrative is unnecessary, sometimes having a short description of the project, protocol or subject matter related to the bounty can go a long way. This additional context helps readers glean more insights from the submission.

Grand Prize Bounty Winner Examples

Stellar Submissions, Uniswap Bounty Program Round 1 and 2

Stellar Submissions, Olympus Bounty Program Round 3

If you’re interested in learning more about what makes great bounties or you’re ready to participate and submit your own, check out the MetricsDAO Discord and/or follow us on Twitter for the latest bounty news and programs.