How to Participate in MetricsDAO and Earn xMETRIC

A breakdown of the latest actions you can take in Season 3

How to Participate in MetricsDAO and Earn xMETRIC

A breakdown of the latest actions you can take in Season 3

Welcome (or welcome back) to MetricsDAO!

Are you interested in blockchain data and the insights it can produce? Are you an analytical mind, a data curator, a data & tooling provider, or a web3 project looking for analytics outputs?

Join us and participate in MetricsDAO! In this post you will learn why + how.

If you're new to analytics and are looking to take our course, fill out this form!

Why your participation matters

MetricsDAO and the MetricsDAO community exist to produce the best analytical outputs in the blockchain data space.

We are a community of data analysts, curators, and mentors. We welcome all data and tooling providers, and analysts who use them to generate insights.

When you are a part of the MetricsDAO community, you can participate in all stages of MetricsDAO’s Organized, On-Demand Analytics Cycle.

xMETRIC Token 101

We are all still early in web3. And you are still early at MetricsDAO! xMETRIC tokens make your early participation count on-chain, and unlock the gates for more earning opportunities for analysts.

What is xMETRIC? It is a beta token for our protocol-in-development. While it does not have any monetary value, it signals on-chain that you are active at MetricsDAO. In our community, holding xMETRIC translates to community roles and opportunities! Check out the leaderboard, and find your xMETRIC balance on-chain using the Polygon token contract.

Sounds exciting! I want to know more. All community members with at least 5 xMETRIC become xMETRIC Participants. If you earn enough xMETRIC to be among its top holders – you will be welcomed to xMETRIC Masters!

xMETRIC Masters are our community of the best analysts in the web3 data space. xMETRIC Masters have access to more earning opportunities through exclusive bounties and becoming peer reviewers! They also get a chance to receive professional licenses for data tooling, and have an exclusive channel for discussions.

If you are eligible for xMETRIC Masters based on your tokens earned, verify your role in our Discord’s #🪃 | start-your-journey channel using Guild to access these opportunities!

Now I want some xMETRIC! How can I get it? Earn xMETRIC by participating in our Organized, On-Demand Analytics Cycle; tagging us on Twitter with your best analytics; taking part in curation of web3 data; or joining our events!👇

Community Brainstorming

Discover web3 analytical needs that will be turned into Analytics Challenges! Participate in a community brainstorm by submitting potential bounty questions and upvoting others’ submissions.

For active brainstorm sessions, you can earn xMETRIC for your posts and upvotes. Keep an eye out for our Twitter and Discord announcements to know the latest community brainstorm dates. If one or more of your submissions are selected to become a bounty, you can also earn USDC or other partner tokens.

Analytics Challenges

Solving analytics bounty questions is an opportunity to earn USDC (and/or other partner tokens) and xMETRIC.

The higher your submission quality, the higher the potential reward! Find the active bounties and their reward details on our Bounty Programs page. Any analyst can submit their work without needing to claim a spot, unless the question card says otherwise.

Some bounties are exclusive to top analysts: xMETRIC Masters! At the start of MetricsDAO Season 3 in October 2022, the threshold to join xMETRIC Masters is 2,000 xMETRIC. As the analyst pool expands, this amount will increase. If you are already part of xMETRIC Masters – keep participating and earning more xMETRIC.

Peer Review

In many fields, the best minds become peer reviewers of new contributions and insights. Peer reviewers ensure the rigor and integrity of our analytics, and keep up to date with the latest web3 hot topics and data analytics methods.

At MetricsDAO, xMETRIC Masters are invited to peer review other analysts’ work to ensure great and original insights are rewarded and amplified. Are you eligible to become an xMETRIC Master? Verify your xMETRIC Masters role in our Discord using Guild to participate!

Bonus: Airdrops to top analytical minds

There are many top tier analysts doing remarkable work in the blockchain data space. If you are one of them but not part of MetricsDAO or xMETRIC Masters – we want to recognize your great analytics and invite you in!

Phase 1 of the xMETRIC Airdrop recognized 175 of the best analysts based on applications and prior work in other top blockchain analytics communities.

Phase 2 of the Airdrop is now active for the second half of October 2022 in our Discord. It is based on referrals by current xMETRIC Masters. Get yourself a referral and you can apply by tweeting at us with your top dashboard @MetricsDAO. Remember to mention the xMETRIC Masters member who referred you! It’s part of the application, and they will receive 100 xMETRIC as a reward.

Reading this after Phase 2? Stay tuned for future airdrop announcements!


If creating and transforming data tables for analysts is your thing – check out and contact the Curators group at MetricsDAO. Curators contribute to the DAO, and there is currently a live governance proposal to reward contributors with xMETRIC.

Mentorship and learning

Attend and actively participate in our weekly workshops and events (check out our Discord Events section)! These events are created for knowledge and experience sharing among our community. Active participation may earn you xMETRIC!

Do you have a data tool, skill, or a story of your journey working in web3 that you want to share with the analyst community? Reach out to us! You will earn xMETRIC for being a host or guest. 🙂

Join a community call

Are you interested in participating at MetricsDAO, but have questions or want to learn more?

  • Dive in with any program above!
  • Join our Discord (say hi in # ✨ | warm-introductions) and follow us on Twitter.
  • Introduce yourself and hear from our team at a weekly community call: How to Participate in MetricsDAO and Earn xMETRIC! Find this call in our Discord Events to register for a notification and add it to your calendar.