How to Earn xMETRIC: Step 3, Peer Review

The third component of our on-demand analytics process. We are activating our network of Peer Reviewers to validate and score all submissions.

Help us test MetricsDAO’s protocol and record your early participation on-chain with xMETRIC tokens.

Participants can earn xMETRIC (+ $token compensation) by taking specific actions across MetricsDAO’s three components.

This past week, more than 100 analysts submitted 372 dashboards and insights on Aave, True Freeze, and “Hacks, Scandals and Scams”.

For the past few days, we have been activating our network of Peer Reviewers, a dynamic group of top analysts, to validate and score all submissions, following this rubric.

This component is gated for analysts who have earned 2,000 xMETRIC or more and demonstrated their crypto analytics proficiency.

  • xMETRIC Needed to participate: 2,000
  • xMETRIC Reward per submission reviewed: 50

Beyond removing low quality or spam submissions, the Peer Review Component allows us to highlight and promote the best outputs. This creates valuable marketing for our partner protocols. 🎉

Learn more about MetricsDAO’s Peer Review Process

Looking to become a Peer Reviewer? Earn more xMETRIC by submitting questions, upvoting others’, and/or creating analytics!