How to Earn xMETRIC: Step 2, Analytics

Earn xMETRIC by participating in the second component of our three-step approach to on-demand insights.

Help us test MetricsDAO’s protocol and record your early participation on-chain with xMETRIC tokens.

Participants can earn xMETRIC (+ $token compensation) by taking specific actions across MetricsDAO’s three components.

Last week, over 100 questions were submitted about Aave, True Freeze and on the topic of hacks, scandals and scams.

Today we are launching Component 2: Analytics for all three topics, having turned the most upvoted questions into actionable bounties for MetricsDAO analysts.

View Analytics Bounties

Anyone can get started with creating analytics:

  • xMETRIC Needed to participate: 0
  • xMETRIC Rewards for Qualified Submissions: 250
  • xMETRIC Rewards for Stellar Submissions: 1000

All submissions are due next Friday, July 29th, and will be rewarded in partner tokens or stablecoins:

Aave: up to $250 in AAVE

Hacks: up to $250 in USDC

True Freeze: up to $250 USDC + 1000 FRZ

How Submissions are Evaluated

The third component of MetricsDAO’s program is Peer Review. As our partners rely on accurate, timely, and informative analytics, it is important that our peer reviewers evaluate bounty submissions according to a specific set of criteria, namely: (1) accuracy & completeness, (2) insights, (3) visualizations, and (4) professionalism.

Submissions that get decent scores in these criteria are qualified to receive bounty payouts. Those that get a perfect score are then entitled to the grand prize.

Learn more about MetricsDAO’s Peer Review Process