Getting started with NEAR

Written by: mrodin

While any time is good to learn something new, the best time to learn a new technology is when the ecosystem is at a tipping point, ready to change the way we do things. Remember the internet in the year 2000? Those who mastered it then rode a wave of exciting projects and built solid careers for the next two decades.

Web3 is in a similar take-off stage and that presents a great opportunity. Here’s how:

  • Blockchains are evolving rapidly and are very interested to know more about how various apps - be it DeFi, gaming or NFTs - are doing on the blockchain, and how users are interacting with them.
  • Dashboards are a great way to communicate data and help blockchains understand how things stand and how they can improve
  • Opportunities for analysts have never been better. The skills you learn in this course will open new doors and help you begin an exciting career in the fast-growing blockchain and smart contract industry!


NEAR is a blockchain built to be simple, secure and scalable, and deliver the promise of Web3. We will provide you with:

  • Foundational understanding of NEAR blockchain: how it works, what makes it unique
  • Overview of NEAR’s key components
  • Understanding of NEAR’s fast-growing ecosystem and key use cases
  • Details of what’s coming to NEAR in the future

After finishing this course, you will be ready to work on exciting analytical projects and bounties in areas such as:

  • DeFi apps
  • NFTs
  • Gaming

You will be ready to start a career as an analyst on NEAR, where Web3’s future of mass adoption is being built today. Get started here.