Experiment #4: Podifying MetricsDAO

Inspired by Orca Protocol’s blog post on Pods, this article lays out the pod structure that MetricsDAO is following, and the ways in which you can get involved!

Inspired by Orca Protocol’s blog post on Pods, this article lays out the pod structure that MetricsDAO is following, and the ways in which you can get involved!


We launched MetricsDAO in October 2021 with the vision to create an organized, automated and scalable process that would enable and reward crypto analysts to deliver on-chain analytics in near-real time.

Through our framework, blockchains and all ecosystem participants will have the data, insights, visualizations and metrics that enable an active, educated and informed community.

At the same time, any analytical mind will have the tools and knowledge to enter into Web-3 and/or level up their analytics skills.

All participants are compensated via tokens from partner protocols and blockchains for delivering solutions. All blockchain data platforms are welcome to provide access to their data for free.

Take Part in Experiments

We have a clear vision for the future of MetricsDAO but we’re constantly experimenting with the best OODAD (Organized, On-Demand Analytics Delivery) framework to drive outcomes.

There are 6 Elements of OODAD:

  1. Data Access and Curation: Providing and transforming blockchain data for analytical queries.
  2. Generating Questions: Discovering and organizing analytic needs of community, blockchain, foundation into questions that can be addressed by analytical minds.
  3. Questions Become Challenges: assigning a variety of factors - such as difficulty level and bounty band - to properly attract and engage the right level of analyst. Great results come when the questions are framed properly and turned into challenges to be solved.
  4. Challenges Become Solutions: Analysts may deliver results, visualizations, insights etc. to address particular challenges, generating “Solutions”. Note that an effective cadence of prioritization into epochs helps center analysts on the right challenges at the right time.
  5. QA for Solutions: A critical step to ensure that a solution meets data and delivery quality standards. Simply put, does the solution solve the Challenge, and does it do it well?
  6. Rewards for Solutions: An operational requirement to pay Analytical Minds for the results they deliver.

The best way to get involved in any experiment is to join a workshop or participate asynchronously via the question vault or other opportunities posted on Discord. All workshops are announced in the #announcements channel in Discord and take place in the build-in-public channel. Feel free to join even if you are just curious to learn more!

Join a MetricsDAO Pod

In MetricsDAO, we work in operational pods where different pods coalesce around meta aspects of the DAO. Here are the 10 operating pods, what they work on, and who to reach out to if interested.

We let anyone participate – all you have to do is join the pod’s weekly pod meeting which are scheduled here. If you have a proposal feel free to share it in #general!


Focus: Welcoming new community members and helping them find their place.

Contact: @catjam#6271

Mentor’s Circle

Focus: Helping to make on-chain analytics accessible.

Contact: @anduril#4790 @hildobby#0001


Focus: Keeping the market and community up to date.

Contact: @Rochelle#9484

Incentive Design

Focus: Ensuring community members are excited to engage

Contact: @catjam#6271

POAP Studio

Focus: MetricsDAO will use POAPs to mark achievements and recognize contributions at various levels

Contact: @Gab_riel#9582


Focus: Recommend specific steps for practical implementation of governance tools and practices.

Contact: @sui414#1678


Focus: Technology to improve, expand, and further decentralize our six-step analytical process (OODAD).

Contact: @catjam#6271


Focus: Managing and improving analytical experiments to enable a fully decentralized analytics process from start to finish.

Contact: @Sunslinger.ust#1919


Focus: Part of the outreach team and part group of gifted writers, the Grants team works with other DAOs to craft and structure grant proposals that will lead to analytics programs & high-impact metrics for protocols, DAOs, and ecosystems.

Contact: @danner.eth#7297