Partner with MetricsDAO to Curate your Blockchain Data

Partner with MetricsDAO to Curate your Blockchain Data

Written by: mrodin

Raw blockchain data needs to be decoded to run bounties and analytics. This helps you gain valuable insights into chains and protocols, promote your projects and grow your business.

Blockchains such as Terra, Harmony and NEAR partnered with us to curate their blockchain data that enables analysts to create actionable insights. Here’s how you can benefit from our curated data:

  • Make your data free and open: raw data transformed and polished for SQL analysis, visualization and API solutions
  • Enable the creation of critical network and protocol usage metrics: Using curated data, analysts can create dashboards that show your blockchain’s traction in the community and the viability of its ecosystem.
  • Educate and engage analysts at all levels: From providing user-friendly data that beginner analysts can explore and familiarize themselves with your blockchain, to allowing advanced users to dive deeper and deliver sophisticated analytics and insights for your project’s use, our curated data enables insights at all levels.
  • Fuel powerful marketing: MetricsDAO community can brainstorm analytics requests and turn them into bounties that utilize curated data tables and schemas. Participation of analysts in bounty programs using curated data will attract new users to your network and protocols, helping you to promote your projects and drive user onboarding.
  • Acquire well informed and active users: Having analytics-ready data will set up your blockchain to run analytics bounties and other engagement activities with the on-chain data community. This will enable you to identify and reward active community members with your token, distribute your token directly to members of the community and grow your active holder network.

How our curation process works:

MetricsDAO data curators’ team specializes in transforming blockchain data into SQL tables that are ready for analysts to dig into and create dashboards. We establish and maintain a data layer that analysts and projects can query easily, and leverage to acquire new users and investment.

MetricsDAO’s curation team will develop core data models and abstractions in Snowflake. These data models will be public, open source repositories on our Github. Our team successfully curated data for Harmony (ONE), NEAR, and Terra, and made the models accessible to analysts via Flipside.

Our curation team will also develop tooling to showcase the models and metrics derived, along with the supporting documentation. If you want, we can use the curated data to organize analytical challenges. Our team uses the following 3-step process to solve challenges:

  • Community brainstorming, to engage and educate
  • Analytics, to generate insights and drive new users to your network
  • Peer review, to create legitimacy and promote your protocol

Learn more about how our curation works here.

Success stories

NEAR: Using MetricsDAO’s curated data, analysts were able to create award-winning dashboards in a tournament organized by Flipside. These include an interactive dashboard that gives insights into NFTs on NEAR, a thorough analysis of DeFi protocols found on NEAR, and a guide of applications for NEAR citizens that becomes your personalized activity passport. Analysts also created extensive analysis of all tokens swapped out with NEAR’s token.

Terra: As a result of our curation outcome, Terra has data available that allows them to discover user insights for the second version of its blockchain, view stablecoin activity on the chain, track the evolution of the new token, and compare new tokens with the old. These analytics were generated using data that was the outcome of MetricsDAO curation.

Partner with us!

At MetricsDAO, we unite talented analytical minds to solve the greatest challenges facing blockchain ecosystems.

Leading organizations across the ecosystem have partnered with MetricsDAO to curate data that helps analysts get insights into their chains and protocols, acquire new users and attract potential new investors. You can be one of them!

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