Blockchain Analytics Course: Blockchain Data 101

Introducing our first Blockchain Analytics Course: Blockchain Data 101 This is designed for those who want to learn how to ask the right questions, drive insights, and understand what is happening behind the scenes, on chain.

MetricsDAO is fueled by our mission to empower Web3 organizations with on-demand data insights and tooling. We do this through our three-step process which allows us to tap a community of talented data analysts to generate engagement, education, content, and peer reviewed analytics about these organizations or topics they care about.

At the core of this are the data analysts willing to take on this mission with us. In the year since inception, we have tapped over 2,500 analysts who have created over 6,000 insights and have received approximately more than $100,000 in partner token rewards. As such, it is important that this community keeps growing and continues to be armed with the right skills to take on the many challenges in the crypto analytics space.

Given our success in onboarding and upskilling, MetricsDAO is becoming the premier DAO to create the next generation of on-chain analysts by launching our first Blockchain Analytics Course: Blockchain Data 101.

The course is designed for those who want to learn how to ask the right questions, drive insights, provide context to protocol growth and change, as well as understand what is happening behind the scenes. While a "beginner" analyst may be limited to high-level overviews, an "intermediate" analyst is able to push beyond surface-level analysis, extracting insights from curiosity-directed exploration. Our goal is that analysts emerge from the course with an intermediate level of knowledge. Beyond that, we offer opportunities for continued learning across chains and advanced topics in future courses.

Success for this course means producing a cohort of talented analysts creating great content and actively competing in bounty programs.


The format will be a weekly live session, streamed through the MetricsDAO Youtube channel. This will also be recorded and available on-demand for those who cannot attend the live session.

Each session will have accompanying assignments which aim to reinforce the concepts covered. The assessment may be a quiz or an analytical prompt that requires querying blockchain data and producing a dashboard or a report.

Course Outline and Schedule

The course is divided into segments, with the first one starting on August 1 at 4PM EST. They are designed to be progressive over time such that the basics will be covered first like data sourcing and access, before advancing to more complex concepts like data storytelling and analytical writing.

To make sure everyone is on the same page before the first segment, we have compiled vetted resources that students can dive into, on their own time, to get up to speed with the main topics that this course covers.

Segment 0

This is a self-paced lesson where you can through the following resources (link). By the end, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are relational databases?
  • What is Structured Query Language (SQL)?
  • What are the basic terms in blockchain technology like block number, hashes, addresses?

Segment 1: The Basics

This segment aims to establish foundational knowledge and answer questions around:

  • Where is the data and how do you access it?
  • What does on-chain data look like?
  • Why is this work important and why should you do it as an analyst?

Date: August 1, 2022, 4PM EST

Homework deadline: August 8, 2022

Segment 2: Building Blocks

In this segment, the goal will be to expand the analysts’ technical capabilities using live-use cases.

Date (tentative): August 8, 2022

Segment 3: Leveling Up

With the basics covered, this segment will introduce intermediate SQL techniques and explore raw transaction data. By the end, analysts should be able to produce high quality outputs such as presentation-worthy visualizations and coherent analysis reports.

Date (tentative): August 15, 2022

For a more detailed breakdown, check out the full course outline here which will be kept up to date as the main course resource.

What’s Next?

If you are an aspiring analyst or someone who wants to level up their analysis skills, dive into the Segment 0 resources to get started. You can also head on over to the #course-chat channel of our Discord server where you can find members of our course operations team, community managers, advanced analysts, and fellow students. They will be able to answer questions around course logistics and address SQL and data questions.

Our team of mentors will also be holding weekly Office Hours on Wednesdays 7PM EST in our Discord server.

Follow news and updates regarding the course through our Discord and Twitter.

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