About Us

Welcome to MetricsDAO! We are a community of Web3 data analysts who provide other DAOs with on-demand data insights and tooling. Our 3 step process allows us to tap hundreds of talented analysts with the speed and flexibility this space needs to succeed.

Anyone can take part in our analytics bounty programs, sourcing questions, answering them or reviewing others'. Our focus as a community is on knowledge sharing and mentorship so that anyone can grow as a Web3 data analyst!

Ways You Can Participate*

*and earn xMETRIC

MetricsDAO provides an organized three step process for DAOs to receive the analytics, tooling and content they need in near real time. Each step works as a distinct component of on-demand analytics, and serves a unique purpose that can be activated alone or in combination with the other two.

Component 1: Community Brainstorming

⇒ To Engage & Educate

Crypto projects use this component to ask the broader community what analytics they would like to see created. Anyone can submit questions and/or upvote others’ so that the most relevant questions are prioritized, and spam is filtered out.

The goal of the Community Brainstorming Component is to drive engagement with the broader community: to understand what is currently relevant, confusing, or worrisome to them. At the same time, rewarding participants at this level works to educate newcomers on how this protocol works and incentivizes the best ideas to rise to the top.

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xMETRIC Needed to Submit a question: 0                                                                         xMETRIC Rewards for Submission: 50

xMETRIC Needed to Upvote: 0                                                                               xMETRIC Rewards for Upvote: 5

Component 2: Analytics

⇒To Generate Insights & Drive User Onboarding

Tap MetricsDAO’s community of analysts to create the analytics, tooling and content you need. With this component DAOs can choose to activate the questions sourced from the community brainstorm, or submit their own questions or tasks that need solving.

Activating MetricsDAO’s analysts allows organizations to not only generate the insights they need, but it also onboards new analysts and new users to their protocol.

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xMETRIC Needed to participate: 0                                                                         xMETRIC Rewards for Submission: 0                                                                 xMETRIC Rewards for Payable Submissions: 500                                           xMETRIC Rewards for Stellar: 1000

Component 3: Peer Review

⇒ To Create Legitimacy & Promote Your Protocol

Analytics, tools and content are peer reviewed by a dynamic network of top analysts in order to validate and score results. This component is gated to participants, and requires a certain amount of tokens for someone to become a Reviewer.

Beyond removing low quality or spam submissions (spam should already be reduced by the token gating mechanisms in place in Component 2), the Peer Review Component allows us to highlight (and promote) the best outputs. This creates valuable marketing for your protocol.

xMETRIC Needed to participate: 2000                                                               xMETRIC Reward per submission reviewed: 50

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Our community empowers analysts in Web3 to solve the greatest challenges facing blockchain ecosystems. Find all recorded workshops on our Youtube, and upcoming live ones in our Discord.